Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 21
("Streets and Sidewalks") Part 1 ("Driveway
Construction Permit")
Additional Ordinances
Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 21
("Streets and Sidewalks") Part 2
("Highway Construction Permit")
Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 22
("Subdivision and Land Development") Part 6
("Development Design Standards"), Section
611 ("Street Construction")
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Code of Ordinances
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Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 24
("Taxation, Special") Part 1 ("Realty
Transfer Tax") Ordinance No. 1-2007
Oxford Regional Government Cooperative Planning Agreement, Ordinance No. 2-2007
Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 24
("Taxation, Special") to enact and Adopt
the Local Services Tax of $52 for
individuals employed within West
Nottingham Township, Ordinance 3-2007
Chapter 1, Administration and Government
Chapter 2, Animals
Chapter 3, Bicycles
Chapter 4, Buildings
Chapter 5, Code Enforcement
Chapter 6, Conduct
Chapter 7, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 8, Flood Plain Regulations
Chapter 9, Grading and Excavating
Chapter 10, Health and Safety
Chapter 11, Housing
Chapter 12, Libraries
Chapter 14, Mobile Homes and Mobile
Home Parks
Chapter 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16, Parks and Recreation
Chapter 17, Planned Residential Development
Chapter 18, Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 19, Signs and Billboards
Chapter 20, Solid Waste
Chapter 21, Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 22, Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 23, Swimming Pools
Chapter 24, Taxation, Special
Chapter 25, Trees
Chapter 26, Water
Key to the Disposition of All Ordinances
Chapter 13, Licenses, Permits and
General Business Regulations
Ordinance Amendment, Chapter 10
("Health and Safety") Part 2
("Recyclables") Ordinance No. 1-2008
Resolution 6-2008, Identifying
Recyclables to be Source Separated
and Collected in the Township
Code of Ordinances
West Nottingham Township
Annual Recycling Report for
Commercial/Industrial Businesses
If you are planning to conduct a controlled burn of tree branches, leaves or yard
waste, you must notify the Union Fire Company and Chester County 9-1-1.
Please call 610-932-2212 to make notification to both organizations prior to
the controlled burn.
 Doing so will prevent the 9-1-1 call center from dispatching
the fire company to a reported fire.  Also, please do not burn recyclable materials
such as plastics, paper, and card board.  These items can be dropped off at the
Township's recycling center and will be credited toward the reported recycling  
tonnage making the Township eligible for the Act 901 recycling grant from the PA
13 ("Licensing of Junk Yards") Part
2, effective August 1, 2012
609.5, 609.6, 612, 613, 616.1.F, 616.8.D,
617.8, 624, 624.1, 624.1.A, 624.1.B, 624.1.C,