Subdivision & Land Development Preliminary Application
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Subdivision & Land Development Final Application
Professional Services Escrow Agreement
Subdivision and Land Development
Please be sure to read each form thoroughly.  Depending on the specifics of the project,
there may be additional requirements.  Please be prepared to submit multiple copies of plot
plans and construction plans.
Building, Zoning & Road Occupancy Permits
Building Permit:  Used for single family dwellings, additions, accessory use buildings,
decks and some detached buildings.
Use either the WNT Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit (pages 1 & 2 only)
or the International Code Council (ICC) form (Item 0003AP4)

Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Information:  Required when a
contractor or consultant applies for a building permit on behalf of an owner.  
Self-insurer's or insurer's Certificate of Insurance must be attached to this form.

Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Information Form

Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Family Building Permit: Used for Commercial,
industrial and all two or multi-family residential buildings.

Use either the WNT Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit (C)
(pages 1, 2 & insert sheet 3) or the ICC form (Item 0003AP6)

Zoning Application and Permit: Required for all building projects, whether or not a
building permit is required.  This includes detached garages, agricultural buildings,
pre-manufactured sheds, etc.

Zoning Application and Permit

Road Occupancy Application and Permit:  Required for a new driveway onto a
Township road, relocating a driveway's access onto a Township road, or work in a
Township road right-of-way.

Road Occupancy Application and Permit Form

Other Permits and Information

Sign Application and Permit

Directional Sign Application

Demolition Application and Permit

Use & Occupancy Application and Permit
NOTE:  The Township does not require a Use & Occupancy permit for residential resales.
If you are purchasing a commercial or industrial property, you should contact the
Codes/Zoning Officer to see if a Use & Occupancy permit is required.

Grading Application and Permit

Mobile Home Removal or Placement Permit

Manufactured Housing Plan Review Checklist
FEE SCHEDULE (updated 09-09-2020)
Applications, Permits & Fees
West Nottingham Township