Announcements & Notices
West Nottingham Township

Unknown persons are calling people in our area claiming to be from the Social Security
Administration.  They are telling people that they will not get their social security check if they can't
verify their social security number and/or bank account.  The people asking for the information are
trying to seem credible by telling you the name of your spouse and your address.  THIS IS A
SCAM!!  NEVER give your social security number or bank account number over the phone!
Please get the word out to senior citizens in our area.  If you think you've been victim of fraud,
please contact the State Police immediately!

If you would like to join the township's emergency management team, please
contact the Secretary at 610-932-4072 ext. 8.  For information on joining the
Oxford Area POD team, please
click here.

The Pennsylvania State Police have issued a press release regarding a recent scam to obtain
private information from individuals through an email which informs recipients that their Apple ID
has been suspended.  If you receive a suspicious email of any kind, NEVER click on any link in the
body of the email.  
To view the press release, please click here.  

Click here to view the storm water management ordinance.
Recent issue with the Oxford Area Sewer Authority (OASA)

Click here to view a time line of events as documented in the minutes related to the OASA
approval of Act 537 and the USDA loan guaranty by the member municipalities.

If you are interested in serving on the Oxford Area Recreation Authority Board, please
contact Candace Miller at 610-932-4072 ext. 300.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Supervisors of West Nottingham Township of a thirty
(30) day public comment period to an Official Act 537 Component 2M Sewage Facilitates Planning
Application to be submitted for approval by the West Nottingham Township to the Pennsylvania
Department of Environmental Protection. The Plan proposes the use of on-lot-sewage disposal
systems. The planning area for the Plan is the entire area of West Nottingham Township, located in
Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, commonly referred to as
Act 537, requires municipalities to prepare and maintain an up-to-date plan to assess current and
future needs for wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment facilitates; and to evaluate
alternatives to meet future demand. The Plan was prepared after the sewage needs within the
Township were assessed based on the West Nottingham Township Planning Commission’s studies,
which concluded that the most viable and efficient method to facilitate Act 537’s requirements is
through the implementation of on-lot-sewage disposal systems. Several wastewater collection and
treatment alternatives were evaluated. The recommended alternative proposes the use of on-lot
sewage disposal systems.

A full text copy of the Township’s proposed Act 537 Component 2M Application is available for
public examination without charge or may be obtained for a charge not greater than the cost
thereof at the Township Building. The 30 day public comment period will begin February 12, 2018,
and end March 13, 2018. Written comments are invited from the public and must be submitted or
postmarked to the Township Municipal Building to Candace Miller, Township Secretary/Treasurer,
100 Park Road, P.O. Box 67, Nottingham, PA 19362, by March 13, 2018 in order to be included in
the Plan for the PA DEP’s review.  

Helen J. Esbenshade, Township Solicitor

Click here to review the Component 2M

Click here to review the proposed Holding Tank Ordinance

Click here to review the proposed On-Lot Sewage Management Program Ordinance