On-Lot Sewage Disposal System (OLDS) Inspection and Pump-
out Requirement

West Nottingham Township’s sewage management program (SMP) requires that each on-lot
sewage disposal system (OLDS) be inspected, with excess waste removed, every three
years, starting with sewage service Area 1 in 2019 and moving on to Area 2 in 2020 and
2021 respectively
(see map).  

The work can be a performed by any Chester County Health Department (CCHD) approved
liquid waste pumper. The pumper will record the servicing of your OLDS in a CCHD
database, which the Township will use to verify compliance.  Should there be any dispute,
your pumper’s receipt will offer proof of service.

The Township implements the SMP to meet its legal obligation to protect well-water and
ensure that no domestic sewage enters the waters of the Commonwealth or endangers
human health.  
Click here for resources explaining that legal obligation.

To avoid malfunction, sewage sludge and scum should never fill more than about 30% of a
septic tank.  An OLDS appropriately designed for the home it serves will reach that standard
in about three years.  Thus, our SMP ordinance sets a three-year cycle of pump-outs and
Click here for resources on the operation and maintenance of OLDS.

A lack of adequate maintenance is the leading cause of system failure.  A few hundred
dollars for a full OLDS service can prevent the cost (now approaching $15-20 thousand)
of installing a replacement OLDS when the existing system fails.

If the capacity of your tank exceeds the needs of your home or you had the tank pumped last
year, you may apply for a
one-year waiver [link pending] based on professional certification.

Our community expects each of us to take basic steps to protect our families, neighbors and
the environment from household wastewater pollution.  The Township will reach out to
households that fail to meet the December 31 deadline. Section 13 of the
On-lot Sewage
Management Program Ordinance provides for fines and legal sanctions for property owners
who fail to comply with the requirements of the SMP.

CCHD provides sewage enforcement services for the Township. Our Sewage Enforcement
Officer is Austin Abernethy, (610) 344-6519.
sewage management program
West Nottingham Township